Smooth Driver Monitoring App for Fleet Vehicle Managers

General App Information

Fleets drivers often drive repeat routes or routes within the same territory. Coaster can be useful in learning where sudden stop clusters are within those repeat routes and those driving zones. Current telematics functionality focuses on frequency of sudden stops. Coaster adds to your fleet telematics data by tying sudden stops to locations, enabling visualization of those spots, enabling driver behavior change. Individually, the history can be helpful for the regular route driver,  a substitute driver for that route, or when onboarding a new driver to that route. At the fleet or sub-fleet level, the drivers’ history can be shared across the fleet in order to provide higher value.

Beta – Sudden Stop History Sharing for Fleets

In the fleet beta,  the sudden stop history of all drivers within a “fleet” are shared. More particularly, once a “Fleet ID” is added, future sudden stop events are shared across that fleet. That is to say that the driver’s personal sudden stop event history and those within the fleet are displayed on the map.

Fleet Requirements

Ten or more vehicles within a fleet or subfleet that drive a repeat route or defined territory

Technical Requirements

An Android device with an accelerometer and GPS


  1. Choose a unique fleet or sub-fleet identifier (eg. myfleetidentifier1234567890 )
  2. Share the unique fleet or sub-fleet identifier among the fleet
  3. Each driver in the fleet downloads the app
  4. In the Settings screen, enter the “Fleet ID”
  5. Use the app as normal
  6. Provide periodic feedback


Contact the app owner to participate in the beta or for help using these features. There is no cost to participate in the beta.